Podcast: Digital Collaboration

The topic of this month’s podcast is Teaching the Net Generation: Exploring Networked Learning and Digital Collaboration Methods presented at the 2011 Ryerson Faculty Conference by Natalia Gilewicz,  School of Graphic Communications Management.

The presenter explored the usage of socila media and ways to use these tools in the classroom. The topics covered are:

  • The Net Generation
  • Structured Participation
  • Unstructured Participation
  • Facebook

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Research has shown that today’s digitally native students have learning styles and preferences, which are typically in opposition to traditional academic teaching approaches. The result is an educational system that is fighting to engage students. This paper presents work in progress on the topic of online engagement using online social networks such as Facebook. Two exploratory studies that use an online learning system are discussed. The results exploit some of the weaknesses of these systems, namely their difficulty in connecting users conveniently. Thus, the next phase of the research is to leverage an environment more familiar to the students, in order to improve engagement. The goal is to use the technology in such a way that the activity is collaborative, customizable, connective, and convenient. Rooted in current research, the possible benefits and risks of using online social networks for formal learning are discussed.



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