Instructional Skills Workshop Feb 21-23, 2012

The workshop provides a framework for planning and delivering lessons and provide a forum for participants to deliver 3 participatory lessons to their peers and reflect on variety of feedback.

Additional resources for Day 1

Effective teaching:

Ten Core Principles for Designing Effective Learning Environments:
Insights from Brain Research and Pedagogical Theory

Effective feedback:

Receiving and Giving Effective Feedback

TIPS SHEET: Receiving and Giving Effective Feedback

BOPPPS (Bridge, Objectives, Pre-test, Participatory Learning, Post-test, Summary).

Additional Resources for Day 2

In the two large group theme sessions we will discuss, “Interactive learning, ideas and examples”, and “The different ways of learning”. More resources:

Bloom’s taxonomy: Cognitive (Knowledge) – Affective (Attitude) – Psychomotor (Skills)

Learning Differences Podcast and Resources

Think Pair Share:

Interactive Lectures Summaries of 36 Formats:

Interactive lecturing: strategies for increasing participation in large group presentations.

What Don’t We Know About Interactive Lectures?

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