Support for TA/GAs at Ryerson

The LTO offers a number of teaching supports for TA/GAs and graduate students. These include orientations, workshops and a professional development in teaching program.

While the professional development program has been extremely successful since its launch in 2010, we recognize that there are still a large number of TAs/GAs and graduate students who do not participate in this program. In an effort to provide support for these individuals, we have developed a TA/GA Edition of the LTO Best Practices. Like, the faculty edition, this Best Practices series will highlight a range of issues related to learning and teaching and provide readers with a range of useful strategies and resources.

The first edition, of the LTO Best Practices – TA/GA Edition, on “Effective Grading,” was published in mid-February.

The next edition of the Best Practices, on “Supporting Student Writers” will be published next week.

If there are any issues that you would like to see covered or have an idea, please do not hesitate to get in touch with either myself, John Paul Foxe at or Michelle Schwartz at

John Paul Foxe

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