ELS for Faculty Two Years On

A post from Tunu Sodhi, English Language Support for Faculty Program

Two years ago, the Learning and Teaching Office and The Student Learning Support Centre created a new program in an effort to assist internationally trained professors with their English. The result was the Pronunciation for Professors program. It started with 7 professors and a chance to evolve.

It is now called the English Language Support for Faculty program and it has evolved from a single focus program solely on pronunciation to include professors who need assistance with more than pronunciation. The participants mentioned in the Monday, May 27th edition of Ryerson Today illustrate this. While respecting our commitment to confidentiality, Ryerson Today interviewed two of the participants in the program. The two could not be more different in their needs. While they both came for pronunciation, it was decided that for one participant pronunciation was not her main need. She wanted and needed to work on her grammar. The program plan was adjusted and has been continually adapted to meet her needs. The other interviewee is fine with grammar but continues to work on his pronunciation. Aleya and Wan, not their real names but the ones used in the article, are both now on their ways to meeting their English language goals.

These are two of the over 30 professors who have participated in the English Language Support for Faculty program. Each one of them has different needs and goals. Some want to work on vocabulary and others on their writing. Some want to improve their English to better communicate with their students where others have purely academic interest in improving. Like all things in education, this has its challenges. However, education is about seeing people learn and reaching goals.

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