Bitstrips- Making Relevant Sunday Funnies for your Classroom!

Comic made using Bitstrip

Bitstrip comic from Professor Jess blog.

I first heard of Bitstrips when I was tutoring . The student had a book report with different components he had to complete, one of them requiring him to create a comic strip for his favorite scene in the book. Seeing that listed, I got out my ruler, a fresh sheet of printer paper, asked him about the scene and how many panels he wanted to use; it was all very nostalgic. This is when he showed me Bitstrips and his near completed scene.

Bitstrips application comes in a few different modes; the Facebook Bitstrips app that allows you to create and post comics of yourself and Facebook friends, the original application that allows you to create your very own comic and lastly the Bitstrips for Schools, which focuses on using comics in elementary and high school classrooms for teaching.

Do not worry if you are not artistically inclined or don’t enjoy painstakingly moving one pixel back and forth. There are pre-loaded scenes, characters you can tweak, speech bubbles and props in the Art Library. You can even save characters to your profile if you need them for future comics. In addition to saving your characters, once you drag them into the scene, you can change their expression!

Adeline Koh, an assistant professor of Literature and Director of DH@Stockton and her colleagues used Bitstrips to create comics to highlight digital humanities and postcolonial studies. In addition, ProfHacker has compiled some great resources on Comics as Scholarships and examples of using comics to challenge students to take a different view on information being taught to them.


Comics in the Classroom and Beyond

Make Your Own Comic Strip Using Bitstrips for Projects or Assignments


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