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For the last year, the LTO has been running a workshop on using Google Drive in the classroom. One of the tools available to the Ryerson community via Google Drive is Google Forms. This survey tool can be used to create reflection forms or even self-correcting quizzes.

Recently, while working on updating our material for our upcoming Google Drive workshop, I came upon Form+.

Form+ logoIn the words of the creators, Form+ “provides an interface to create forms by just dragging & dropping components and supports the creation of forms with a wide variety of input types including file upload.”

Using Form+ is pretty self-explanatory. You can login using your Ryerson Google account. Once you’re inside, you can drag and drop form components to your heart’s content. Once you’ve created a form, you can grab automatically generated embed code to place your form on a website, or generate a shortened URL which can then be sent out directly on Twitter, all from within Form+.

Form+ has even handily created a set of Form Templates. One is an “Assignment Submission” form. Once again, in the words of the creators: “There is absolutely no need to flood your email with assignment submissions again! Files are collected upon submission of the form and are saved in your Google Drive, a link to the file is also placed in a submission spreadsheet. You receive email alerts upon each new submission.” It even offers the option to set a deadline for submissions.

Have you tried Form+? Would you like to learn more about it? Let us know. And consider attending our Google Drive workshop on October 9th.


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