Accessible web design for your course

Whether you’re building a website, writing a blog post, or editing your course shell in Blackboard, there are certain steps you can take to make sure your content is accessible to all students. These steps include adding alternative text to describe your images and captioning any audio or video recordings.

The LTO has gathered the following materials that may be of assistance:

User Friendly Advice for Accessible Web Design
This post from the Chronicle of Higher Education summarizes the key features of the WebAIM web accessibility resources, as well as providing links to other excellent materials and training videos.

Accessibility in Blackboard: Easy Quick Tips to Make Your Blackboard Course More Accessible
This page from the LTO highlights some tips for using Blackboard, and provides a list of links to other web accessibility resources all over the web.

Accessible Documents and Media
The Ryerson Accessibility website has created this series of documents with instructions on how to ensure that your course material, including PowerPoint slides and Microsoft Word documents are accessible. A more comprehensive set of instructions is available from the Accessible Digital Office Documents Project (ADOD).

Finally, any user of Adobe CQ, Ryerson’s content management system, may be interested in this web accessibility training session that was given last week:

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