Learn a new skill on your stay-cation

If you are like me, you will be spending the next 12 days here at home in Toronto instead of jet-setting to a wonderful exotic land. In between your winter activities such as shoveling and salting the driveway and the merriment of spending time with your family and loved ones, why don’t you learn a new skill this break?

There are many great resources out there to work through a new skill at your own pace. Learn a skill that you have been meaning to look into but left it sitting there on the back burner all semester long. These are a few resources I have used in the past to try to learn a new skill. Enjoy and have a happy holiday!

1) Learn a new creativity skill.

YouTube.com is a great resource to learn a creative skill such as music. I have neglected my guitar for almost a year now and those few chords I learned for Johnny Cash’s Hurt might need a refresher. Lifehacker suggests videos like this one to learn the guitar.

2) Learn some code.

Grab an eggnog and take a stab at python! But don’t get bogged down with information overload. Code Academy is an interactive tutorial that has lots of resources and you pick the pace.

3) Learn a new language.

I always describe myself as someone that just can’t learn languages and oh did I try; I tried French in high school, German in university, Spanish aboard and Arabic at home but nothing ever really stuck. Duolingo is a fun and super easy way to learn a language and best thing is it’s on your phone. Super easy to learn a new language on the go!

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