New Format for the Instructional Skills Workshop

The Instructional Skills Workshop is offered within a small group setting and is designed to enhance the teaching effectiveness of both new and experienced educators. Read more about the ISW
On February 28, March 7 & March 14, 2014, ISW facilitators: Gosha Zywno, Don Kinder, Zhixi Zhuang, Restiani Andriati  and Dalia Hanna, facilitated an ISW in a new format, which is offered once a week on a Friday over three weeks instead of 3 consecutive days from 9 to 5 in one week.  Participants were pleased with the new format for the ISW; they mentioned that it fits in their busy schedules.

ISW Feb - Mar2014

ISW Feb – Mar, 2014

(Standing row from left: Tunu Sodhi, Stan Benda, Toula Kourgiantakis, Ann Ludbrook, Uthayakaren (Uthayan) Thurairajah, Yukari Seko, Don Kinder (facilitator) – Sitting row from left: Dalia Hanna (facilitator), Gosha Zywno (facilitator), Julia Forgie, Cherry Chan and Zhixi Zhuang (facilitator)).

The LTO offers a hybrid version of the ISW, in which participants meet for 4 half-day face-2-face meetings over four weeks while engaging in online discussions in small groups. The next Blended ISW for faculty will be offered in Fall 2014. The exact dates and registration link will be available soon through this link. Register early as the workshop fills up quickly.

We had a wonderful group of 8 participants (see list and image above), and we were able to exchange many ideas and best practices related to teaching and learning. The ideas and discussions are captured below:

Additionally, the LTO compiled these resources in relation to the above topics and the areas covered in the ISW workshops:


It was a pleasure to work with faculty members and librarians in this ISW and it was a great experience to work with many creative facilitators who enriched the discussions and provided a safe and productive environment for everyone to learn.


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