Good Teaching = Universal Design for Learning.. Really!

On May 27 and 28, 2014 I attended the Accessibility Conference at Guelph University and presented a workshop on Universal Design For Learning along with Maureen Reed, the LTO Director. The presentation was divided into two sections, a two-hour workshop as an unconference session on the first day, and a 10-miute reporting on the discussions and activities that happened during the workshop on the second day. We presented the recommendations from the report developed by the UDL working group, a sub-group from the university wide AODA Advisory committee. The recommendations are based on literature review, researching UDL in 11 Canadian and US higher education institutions and a stakeholder survey internal to Ryerson University. The recommendations are related to the following six areas:

  • Syllabus/Outline
  • Course Delivery
  • Student Resources
  • Assessment
  • Course Web Pages/Blackboard
  • Online Delivery

View full report.

We divided the attendees into four groups to focus on only four of the above areas; Syllabus/Outline, Course Delivery, Assessment and Course Web Pages (including online). We provided each group with a different handout with an overview and best practices in each area. We asked participants to discuss and share one suggestion in each area, then talk about the challenges associated in implementing the suggestion. In the large group, each small group presented the suggestions and discussed implantation and how to overcome challenges.

This Document [PDF] presents recommendations and summary of the discussions.

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