Blended ISW

The Instructional Skills Workshop is offered within a small group setting and is designed to enhance the teaching effectiveness of both new and experienced educators. Read more about the ISW
During the 4 week workshop (4 half days f2f and online participation, 24 hours total), participants design and conduct three “mini-lessons” and receive verbal, written and video feedback from the other participants who have been learners in the mini-lessons. Online in small groups, participants discuss various teaching and learning topics like hybrid teaching, active learning, including diverse students, and incorporating technology tools in teaching.

Congratulations to the Oct- Nov 2014 graduates!

ISW Blended

The group generated a document on  Effective Teaching and Effective Feedback

Our upcoming ISW is fully face-to-face on Fridays, Feb 27, Mar 6 and Mar 13.








Additional ISW Resources:

Do you have questions about blended and online teaching and learning? Contact Dalia Hanna, Manager, Teaching and Learning at

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