The Dossier Mentorship Program

Many Ryerson faculty members are required to create a teaching dossier for tenure review, awards and job applications, which includes those applying for term and part-time appointments. This voluntary program provides Ryerson faculty with an opportunity to receive feedback on their teaching dossiers from other Ryerson faculty who have been trained as assessors.

Those who wish to have their teaching dossier assessed will receive an evaluation report that includes comments on each of the following ten areas: (1) General Organization, (2) Teaching Philosophy, (3) Undergraduate and Graduate Courses, (4) Currency in Teaching Field, (5) Course Outlines, Assignments, and Examinations, (6) Curriculum and Instructional Development, (7) Faculty Course Survey results, (8) Special Contributions, (9) Other materials and (10) Appendices.

Those interested in this program can find more information, including registration, at the Dossier Mentorship website.

Questions can be directed to John Paul Foxe at

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