Instructional Skills Workshop for Faculty and Instructors (Winter 2015)

On February 27, March 6, & 13, 2015, the LTO facilitated an Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) for faculty and instructors. We had a wonderful group, and we were able to exchange many ideas and best practices related to teaching and learning.


Facilitators: Dalia Hanna, Don Kinder and Gosha Zywno

Participants: Abdallah Elsayed, Steve Joyce, Linda Koechli, Anthony Lombardi, Cindy Mason, Kristine Newman, Jasjit Sangha, Enriqueta (Ketty) Zafra.



The Instructional Skills Workshop is offered within a small group setting and is designed to enhance the teaching effectiveness of both new and experienced educators. Read more about the ISW. Visit the ISW network website.

The group discussed various topics on:

  • Effective teaching
  • Teaching strategies and activities in large classes and small classes, in addition to activities to promote reflection in the classroom

This documents is a summary of the group’s discussion on the above topics:  Active Learning Strategies in Classrooms

The LTO compiled these additional resources:

We are interested to hear about more ideas and suggestions,  please use the comments area to post your ideas or ask questions or contact Dalia Hanna, Manager, Teaching and Learning at

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