TA/GA ISW August 2015

Congratulations to the graduates of the TA/GA ISW for August 2015!

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During the course of the ISW, the following ideas were generated during discussion:

Brainstorming Sessions

Effective Teaching

  • Engaging
    • Interactive
    • Relevant
  • Lots of examples
  • Organized, prepared → an outline or lesson plan
  • Introducing material by describing why it’s important
  • Connect theory with practice
  • Enthusiastic
    • Clear, interesting, fun
  • Not judgemental
  • Fair and constructive evaluations
  • Pre-assessment → know your students
  • Get feedback from students and apply it
  • Be a facilitator of learning

Effective Feedback

  • Constructive
  • Honest and respectful
  • Keep it positive – highlight what they did well
  • Focus on things that can be changed
  • Think about how things address a diversity learning styles and the diversity in the way teaching is received
  • Give examples on how to improve

Student Engagement

  • participating
  • interacting with instructor
  • quality of responses
  • paying attention-body language
  • on time for class-attendance
  • quality of assignments, grades on tests
  • coming to office hours/after class
  • good feedback
  • enthusiasm for learning more

Active Learning Strategies

Large Classes

  • divide students into small groups and give them some topics to discuss
  • use twitter/clickers
  • show a video
  • online discussion forum
  • asking questions
  • have students present their work to the class
  • jeopardy

Small Classes

  • asking questions to get responses from everyone
  • make some activities so that students can participate physically
  • asking for feedback from everyone
  • presentations by each student
  • discussing their strategies in doing assignments
  • dedicating office hours to discuss students’ progress


  • written feedback from students at the end of the lecture
  • post-assessments based on lecture to reflect the students’ learning
  • grading assignments before/on-time to give a chance to reflect on the critique
  • give the student a rubric after grading is done
  • ask students to write questions about the material


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