TA/GA ISW October 2015

Congratulations to the graduates of the TA/GA ISW for October 2015!

Graduates TA/GA ISW October 2015 Graduates TA/GA ISW October 2015 Graduates TA/GA ISW October 2015

During the course of the ISW, the following ideas were generated during discussion:

Brainstorming Sessions

Effective Teaching

  • speaking clearly and loudly with simple language
  • organized and prepared, logical sequence
  • enthusiastic
  • learning takes place
    • participating
    • assessments
    • feedback
  • communicate importance and relevance of topic
  • engaging
    • encouraging participation
    • discussion and reciprocity
    • getting students to think critically
  • effective use of tools
    • course readings
    • slides/media
    • technology

Effective Feedback

  • gentle
  • start with the positive
  • process not person or the subject matter
  • feedback on something that is changeable
  • clear and organized
  • keep track of progress
  • participate in discussion
  • engaged in discussion
  • specific
  • not repetitive

Student Engagement

  • body language/facial expression, nodding
  • late to class regularly → not engaged
  • ask questions
  • cell phones and laptops are put away
  • maintaining eye contact
  • taking cues, responding to the lesson

Active Learning Strategies

Large Classes

  • ask questions orally
  • ask students to read aloud written answers
  • Clickers/quizzes
  • Break into groups for discussion
  • Bring group back with delegate for discussion/debate
  • Show of hands surveys

Small Classes

  • tennis ball strategy (toss a tennis ball around to whoever wants to speak)
  • distribute MCQ and feedback
  • Think-pair-share
  • Presentations → collective and individual
  • Search online and present using projector
  • group discussion in a circle


  • One paragraph in class reflection
  • Group reflection/oral
  • Daily journal/daily monitoring
  • Mock debate
  • Blog article
  • Short answer quiz
  • Video
  • Essay editing
  • Peer feedback
  • Conference events/presentation


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One Response to TA/GA ISW October 2015

  1. Reza Dibaj says:

    Dear Michelle, Tunu and Amira,
    Everything about your team as our facilitators was just AMAZING!
    The participants were AWESOME as well and it was one of my best workshops EVER.
    Thank you all again, and may the joy be with you 🙂

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